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Client Journey & Enrollment Process

From personalized benefits in our discovery phase to seamless setup & implementation, we ensure a smooth transition. Pre-communication readies your team, and engaging Group Presentations highlight key offerings. Empower individuals with one-on-one Education & Enrollment Meetings. Our Reporting & Ongoing Support ensures continual excellence, integrating new hires effortlessly.

By The Numbers


Percent of employees that say they need an expert to talk with during open enrollment, when making a benefit decision.


Percentage of employees that view Voluntary Benefits as part of a comprehensive benefits package.


Percentage of employees who look to Voluntary Benefits as a deciding factor for whether they work for, and stay with, an employer.

Our Process

Specializing in Ancillary and Voluntary Benefits tailored to elevate your employee offerings. Our commitment extends beyond benefits as we also provide seamless Request for Proposal (RFP) services, ensuring your benefits package aligns perfectly with your company's objectives. From unique voluntary options to comprehensive RFP support, we simplify the process, allowing you to attract and retain top talent effortlessly.



Unlock the potential of your employee benefits with WSG. In our Discovery phase, we delve deep into understanding your organization's unique needs. Our experts specialize in ancillary and voluntary benefits, tailoring solutions to elevate your team's well-being. Together, let's lay the foundation for a benefits program that not only attracts top talent but aligns seamlessly with your company's goals.


Setup & Implementation

Transition seamlessly from vision to reality with WSG. In our Setup & Implementation phase, we take the lead, transforming chosen benefits into actionable plans. From crafting personalized implementation strategies to executing with precision, we ensure a smooth transition. Let us handle the details, allowing you to focus on what matters most – building a workplace culture that thrives.



In our Pre-communication phase, we engage in strategic communication, setting the stage for the upcoming benefits program. Clear and informative communication ensures that employees are informed, excited, and ready for the positive changes that lie ahead.


Group Presentation

Ignite enthusiasm across your organization with WSG. In our Group Presentation phase, we bring benefits to life through engaging presentations tailored to your team. From highlighting key offerings to addressing questions, we create a shared understanding of the value your benefits program brings to every employee.


Education & Enrollment Meetings

Empower each employee with personalized attention from WSG. In our Individual Education & Enrollment Meetings phase, we provide one-on-one sessions, ensuring that every team member fully comprehends their benefits options. Our experts guide individuals through the enrollment process, fostering a sense of ownership over their well-being.


Reporting & Ongoing Support

Experience the ongoing benefits journey with WSG. In our Reporting & Ongoing Support phase, we go beyond implementation, providing continuous support and insightful reporting. From addressing employee queries to seamlessly integrating new hires into the program, we ensure that your benefits program remains a dynamic asset, evolving alongside your organization.

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