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Simplified Benefits Administration

In a market flooded with hundreds of benefits administration systems, Worksite Strategy Group stands out by adopting a platform-agnostic approach. Our extensive experience encompasses not only the widely recognized platforms but also extends to the diverse landscape of unique systems. This flexibility allows us to tailor our services to match the specific needs and preferences of our clients, ensuring a seamless integration process regardless of the chosen benefits administration platform.

No Current System

If there is no need for products to be residentially built, our team excels in performing a swift and efficient electronic enrollment process, simplifying the task into a 'one and done' operation. Subsequently, we seamlessly transmit eligibility files directly to the carriers for processing. Embrace a streamlined, paperless approach, ensuring precision in data input for an enhanced implementation experience.

Direct Billing Capabilities

No payroll deduction available? No problem. Our team provides the convenience of seamless insurance transactions with our direct billing capability. Eliminate the hassle of payroll deductions as we effortlessly handle billing for insurance policies, ensuring a smooth and efficient financial experience. Trust in our streamlined approach to simplify your insurance management and enhance your overall satisfaction

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