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Your Engagement & Communication

Disengaged employees are less likely to take advantage of the benefits offered by their employer. A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that nearly 40% of employees don't fully understand their benefits, and this lack of understanding often correlates with lower employee engagement.

New Hire Strategies

Our commitment to your employees extends far beyond open enrollment. For new hires, we provide the same white glove experience that employees experience during Open Enrollment. For those benefit eligible employees, we provide personalized attention and continuous communication, striving to empower every employee with the knowledge and support they need for a successful and fulfilling engagement.

Ongoing Communication

Transform your company's benefits communication into a year-round engagement strategy. Our tailored text and email communications keep employees informed, empowered, and engaged beyond open enrollment. Whether highlighting wellness rewards, discount programs, or introducing new hires to the benefits landscape, our continuous communication approach ensures your team remains connected, supported, and well-informed throughout the year

Text & Voice Communications

In any successful communication and engagement campaign, the pivotal role of SMS and phone calls cannot be overstated. These direct and personal channels offer a real-time connection with your employees, enabling swift dissemination of crucial information. SMS ensures instant reach, especially in urgent situations, while phone calls provide a human touch, fostering a deeper level of engagement. Together, they form a dynamic duo, enhancing the effectiveness and impact of any communication strategy by ensuring timely, direct, and personalized interactions with the audience.

Education Equals Engagement

Education stands at the core of employee engagement, serving as the cornerstone for empowerment and satisfaction. Informed employees are engaged employees, and a comprehensive education strategy not only imparts vital knowledge about benefits, policies, and growth opportunities but also cultivates a culture of continuous learning. By prioritizing education, organizations foster a workforce that feels valued, confident, and equipped for success, ultimately contributing to a thriving and engaged workplace."

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